Transforming Meetings

Everything we do as Human Beings starts with the quality of the thinking we do first.

“A manager’s ability to turn meetings into a thinking environment is probably and organisation’s greatest asset.”

Nancy Kline

Do you wish your meetings could produce the finest thinking from everyone? Do you want your meetings to encourage, engage and energise people?

Groups that become Thinking Environments consistently produce meetings of this calibre. And as a result, they save time and money.

This 2-day workshop teaches you and everyone in your group how to use the meeting structure of a Thinking Environment to engage each person's mind fully; to produce respectful, robust discussion; to make compelling presentations and to make decisions of exceptional quality.

To give you tools that you can really use, our programme includes a real-time business meeting with the team tasked to achieve concrete business results. You’ll also use the Time To Think Council, an elegant means of accessing peer knowledge and experience.


How can your group access each other's knowledge and experience, and engender independent thinking at the same time? The Time To Think Council achieves exactly that.

It generates new, independent thinking by using the power of Attention and by replacing the language of advice with the language of experience and knowledge.

You will learn and practice the Council in one day and use it successfully from then on.

*This process has also been described as an excellent Knowledge Management tool.


Do you want an outside facilitator to generate from your meetings extraordinarily fine ideas and superb outcomes, with ease and in record time?

Tiime To Think Facilitators produce this quality of thinking and decision-making every time. They teach and sustain the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment and apply them appropriately to every facet of your meeting process. You and each person in your group can then think independently and collaboratively with excellence.