Transformational Coaching

Look around you. Why are some people so successful, so cheerful? Are they perhaps successful because they are so positive? Now, look at yourself. What are you doing that is holding your back? What are your thought patterns?.

In the midst of continual change and development, you will rarely get stuck because you lack a skill or a key piece of information. Rather, you get stuck on how you think and feel about yourself or your situations in life and work. And let’s face it, you are probably getting stuck a lot lately – everyone else is!.

This is where our personal coaching can really make a difference. Generally one-on-one sessions on a bi-weely basis, our coaching is transformational in nature and strives to inspire you to become more than you every thought you could be. It is a process of facilitating insight by creating awareness around thinking patterns such as beliefs, values and thoughts – how these hold you back and what you can do to break through your own self-imposed limitations.

As coaches, we believe that the brain that holds the problem invariably holds the solution. And through questions, we can help you to create clarity in your thinking. At the end of the day, you are accountable for making the change happen. It is not something that we, as your coach, can do for you. In this way, one of the greatest gifts that we give as coaches is the power of accountability.