Our Retreats

Every day is a choice! A choice to live a life that we truly want and it all starts with the core of who we are.

The choices we make when we get up each morning shapes our day, the choices we make each week shape our month and this chain of action ultimately shapes our lives.

he question is – what life do you want to live? Are you empowered to make the right choices for you?

Our Retreats are based on a stillness principle – taking away all the day-to-day noise and focussing on The Core of “Me” being the core of you. Through experiential activities, coaching and reflective quiet time, we facilitate a space for self-awareness and insight where you will have the opportunity to grow as whole individuals and rediscover your passion for life.

At Core of Me, we work with the whole person – body, mind, heart and spirit. The alignment of these four elements allows for purposeful living and that is ultimately the work we facilitate on our Retreats.