2nd Oct 2017
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Just Breathe…

As I sit and ponder, I wonder what lay yonder.

I just can't see and all I want is to be free!

Chaos reigns in my brain... I need to quiet down the noise, I can't breathe.....just breathe.


My life feels so unmanageable, I feel like I am falling behind,

I feel like I’m losing my mind.

Ready set go it's another wild day and the stress is on its fiery way .

Just breathe!

There has got to be something more to this crazy life yet I can't figure out why all the strife.

Just Breathe!

So where do I start....with me I guess.

By letting go of the stress and embracing the rest.

Choose to surrender don't be the defender or the pretender.

Just Breathe!

It's time to take back my life, to give life, to live and let live, to love and be
loved, to walk in Faith and to have Faith! It's time. It's time. It's time.

It’s time to realise we are the creators of our own journey,

We need to believe in order for things to go smoothly

We are worthy.

Just Breathe!!

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