Our Personal Retreats

How often do you sit back and think to yourself, is this all worth it?
What am I doing with my life?
Am I where I am meant to be?
Am I really being the best version of myself?
Am I really living my best life?
What legacy am I leaving behind?

In this 3-day, 3-night retreat for individuals, we explore the Core of “U” at a deeply personal level. This Retreat is designed to facilitate inner stillness in order for you to access your deepest thoughts and beliefs.

This introspective and self-reflective time will enable you to truly tap into your needs, wants and desires at the level of the authentic self. We facilitate the space for a deeper understanding of the connections and disconnections you sometimes hold with yourself, others and the world at large. The ultimate goal of the Stillness Retreat that you gain insights and set the wheels in motion to living a more meaningful life.

Through the practice of mindfulness, we create awareness at a much deeper level. We place a lot of emphasis on mindful eating, walking and being. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention to the here and now non-judgmentally.

We aim to challenge your thinking in a supportive and loving environment and hope to embark on this very powerful journey with you.