Our Corporate Retreats

Are you and your team aligned?
Are you and your team positive enablers for each other?
Does the team understand one another other and work as a cohesive whole?
Does the team speak the language of trust?
How can you, your team and your organisation become the strongest version of team and synchronicity?

In this 4-day, 4-night retreat, we work first with the concept of self (you) and then move on to the context of team and /or organisation.

We spend the majority of our lives in a working environment and often find ourselves going through the motions, keeping our heads above water and simply surviving life. During our corporate retreat, you will not only find alignment within yourself, in the corporate context, you also find alignment with the Core of the Team / Organisation you choose to work with.

Spending time reflecting on the Core of “U”, in the context of the Core of Team and Organisation, you will start to develop a stronger sense of self and the impact of your “self” on the team. Through an even balance between quiet reflection and collaboration, new connections will be established, increasing the level of trust and leaving you – and ultimately the team – more aligned and empowered.

While the key messaging and context of the Stillness Retreats is set, there is flexibility to create and craft a customised version for our Corporate clients in order to fit specific company culture and needs. Speak to either Belinda or Mary-Joe about what can be achieved and we will tailor-make your Retreat so that your time with us provides maximum benefit to the whole team.