Corporate Coaching

This type of coaching concentrates on the individual and their growth within the organisation. Generally one-on-one sessions on a bi-weekly basis, our corporate coaching is deeply motivational, and it strives to inspire you to reach goals you think are beyond your abilities. It is a process of facilitating insight by creating awareness around thinking patterns such as beliefs, values and thoughts – how these hold you back and what you can do to break through your own self-imposed limitations.

If we are contracted by the organisation, goals in this context are agreed to between the organisation, the coachee and the coach.

As coaches, we believe that the brain that holds the problem invariably holds the solution. And through questions, we can help you to create clarity in your thinking. At the end of the day, you are accountable for making the change happen. It is not something that we, as your coach, can do for you. In this way, one of the greatest gifts that we give as coaches is the power of accountability.

Corporate coaching teaches strategies and tactics that make sure tangible improvements happen. We realise that every company is different, so our coaching is never set in stone. Our methods are not a one-size-fits-all solution for problems. Everyone is different, and so are the answers to the problems you may have.